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Alternative Exercise Technology

The negative change of muscle mass from maturity to senescence and the corresponding loss of functional capacity are of high clinical significance. The most physiologic means to fight this decline of muscle mass and function is a physically active lifestyle or even better, physical exercise. Indeed, a plethora of exercise studies proved favorable changes of muscle mass, power, and strength parameters. However, to realize relevant changes of muscle mass, strength, and power, exercise has to be performed regularly with moderate exercise frequency (>=2 sessions/week) and moderate to high levels of intensity. Due to physical limitations or to lack of motivation, a large number of elderly subjects obviously seem to be either unable or unwilling to perform (intense) corresponding resistance exercise programs. In this context, exercise technologies that increase the impact of low-level exercise on the musculoskeletal system are of high relevance. EMS is the technology that focuses on the stimulation of large muscle groups by electric stimuli (whole-body electromyostimulation) training.


Kemmler, W., & Von Stengel, S. (2012). Alternative Exercise Technologies to Fight against Sarcopenia at Old Age: A Series of Studies and Review. Journal of Aging Research .

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